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English Conversation On Halloween Plan – spoken English Practices, How to plan for Christmas or Halloween?

Situation: Patrick and Sara are planning to go trick-or-treating on Halloween night. Because they are too young to go by themselves, their mom asks their two older siblings, either Christineor Ian, to take them around the neighborhood.Patrick: Wow! Today is October 30th! Halloween is tomorrow already! Have you decided what you will be dressing up […]

English Practice

English Conversation On Two sisters Talking about the Graduation ceremony- Spoken English Practice Conversation

Situation: Annie met Liz after she had purchased a graduation gift for her sister Veronica. Both of them are talking about the graduation ceremony and Veronica’s plan of action after finishing four years of studies. Liz: That is a very lovely bouquet of flowers. Who is it for? Annie: These flowers are for my sister […]

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Middle Man concepts in business – BBA Study materials

Middleman Meaning : Middle man specialise in performing activities that are directly involved in the purchase and size of goods in the process of their flow from producers to the unlimited buyers. Their position between the producers and the unlimited buyers. A middle man normally facilities insurrection between putties for the mutual benefit and be […]

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What is Mean By Business and Concepts of Business- BBA Study material

Meaning : (1). The word business means work efforts and art of people which are connected with production of wealth. (2). Business we means those human activities which involves production or purchase of goods with the object of selling them art a profit. Definition : According to C.R. Dicksee ” Business refers to a form […]


What are all the Objectives Of Business – BBA Study Material

Economic objective : (1). Profit. (2). Growth. (3). Innovation. (4). Service of society. (5). employees satisfaction and development. (6). Fair return to inveship. (7). Good carports citizenship. (8). Quality products and services. Profit : Profit making is the primary objective of business. Business should grow in all directions over a period of time. Growth : […]

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Business Environment – BBA Subject -College study guide

Meaning : Business environment is the set of external factors such as the economic factors. Social-cultural factors demographic factors which are uncomfortable natural and affect on company decision of a firm on company the environment of the business is always changing and uncertain. Definition : According to Gerald Bell” an organisation external environment consist of […]